A Place to Stay Fit for Your Best Friend

Bring your pet to the kennels, rather than sending them to the dog house.

We pride ourselves on offering a home from home for your pets, and so boast a relaxed yet professional atmosphere here at Rushmere. It goes without saying that hygiene and comfort is of the utmost importance and so all kennels are thoroughly scrubbed between occupants and a rigorous cleaning routine is carried out every day with great attention to detail.

All of our kennels are generously sized and able to accommodate more than one dog from the same family if required so your pets can keep each other company. In 2007 our new purpose-built kennel block was opened, comprising 12 spacious kennels, each incorporating both sleeping and run areas.

As with the cattery, full isolation facilities are available in the event that any dog requires veterinary attention. We are also happy and able to administer medication if required.

The Young and the Old

No matter what age your pet, we can ensure they get all the close attention they need.

Understandably many clients are apprehensive about leaving their puppies in kennels for the first time.  Here at Rushmore we are happy to welcome young puppies for their first time kennel experience, and we ensure they are gently nurtured into the kennel environment, enabling them to settle quickly and gain some confidence.

We closely monitor the dog’s progress, any mood changes it undergoes, and its general demeanour so we can give support, encouragement and plenty of TLC where required. Only when we judge that the puppy is ready do we expose it to the normal daily routine of kennel life.

Conversely, if your dog is getting old or infirm, then we take just the same approach of close monitoring, encouragement, and TLC as well as gentle exercise.


We are with your dog from around 7:30am each day, when we clean out their kennel and take them for a pleasant countryside walk. This isn't their only exercise either, as during the afternoon each dog will be taken out for a a second country walk. To help keep your pet relaxed and happy we ensure that during these exercise periods your pet will not come into contact with dogs from other families.

Diet & Feeding

Here at Rushmere breakfast is served to those dogs that require it after the first exercise. We are happy to feed any diet; we stock complete foods, tinned meats and biscuits, however we are also happy to feed what you bring in. A Further meal is served late afternoon, but once again if your dog needs to be fed at other times, just tell us.

To help us keep your pet happy, please ensure you specify your dog's individual dietary requirements when booking with us. Any medications or food additives requested will be accurately administered.

Kennel Cough Vaccination

"Does my dog need to be vaccinated for kennel cough before being allowed into boarding kennels?"

We must now insist on this vaccination as part of our license and terms.

Anywhere that dogs congregate it is possible for kennel cough (canine bronchitis) to be passed on, and so understandably kennels can be particularly susceptible. We suggest that all dogs are vaccinated against the disease, and any dogs coughing will not be allowed to board.

Please ask your vet for details of the vaccination, or seek advice from you local veterinary practice.


If you have any questions
about our kennels call
01502 740612.

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